Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Starting the 11$ WiFi AWM002 OpenWRT board

Finally I got my 11$ WiFi OpenWRT board ( AWM002 ) with largeboard and Tiny Boards.

So here is first boot up of the AWM002 module with Large Base Board.

Hardware needed

  • Large Base Board & AWM002 module
  • Decent 12V supply
  • USB cable to connect to PC (optional: for serial port access to AWM002 module)
    • Not optional, in case you do not connect AWM002 to your LAN 

Setup (HW)

  • Connect Large Base board with 12V socket
  • Connect LAN cable 
  • Connect USB cable to computer (for serial port access)
  • Power on (white switch)

Setup (SW) in Linux box

  • First create a virtual interface in Linux to connect to AWM002 for following command as root-user
    • ifconfig p10p1:0
      • Where p10p1 is my NIC-name (in Fedora, in your case it could be 'eth0')
      • is the IP address of   p10p1:0
      • BTW, is address of AWM002 by default (see in above AWM002 link's Updates-tab)
      • Ensure that you have created the interface
  • Run ping command to check AWM002 is up
    • ping
  • If the AWM002 is up then try for telenet login using following credentials
    • user: admin, password: admin
    • BTW, admin is having uid/gid as '0' -- admin is su :)
  • In case you connect PC via USB cable, ensure that Linux box has created /dev/ttyUSB0
    • check via 'dmesg' command to see exact serial device name

Final AWM002 photo

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