Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Setting up busybox for AWM002 board

After successfully booting up AWM002 module, I found that busybox shell provided in default FW is very old and restricted one.

# /bin/ls --help
BusyBox v1.12.1 (2013-10-15 14:30:14 CST) multi-call binary

Usage: ls [-1AaCdilnsTwxk] [filenames...]

So I tried to upload latest busybox from busybox-site. After downloading the busybox mips-binary, we need to upload to AWM002 module. On stock FW, no FTP/SSH services are available. So we need to setup AWM002 to have FTP server (from default 

# /bin/ server awm002 21 5
Some iptable 'raw' module errors (ignore them for the time being)

Above command should start proftpd on AWM002 module

From PC, FTP the MIPS-binary busybox-mipsel (in binary mode)  to /tmp (for example)

Now log into AWM002 module by telnet/serial cable and issue following commands:

# cd /tmp
# chmod 755 busybox-mipsel
# mkdir /root
# mkdir /root/bin
# /tmp/busybox-mipsel --install -s /root/bin 

Copy following contents to /.profile
export PATH=/root/bin:$PATH

Log off from AWM002 and login & you will have more latest & unrestricted busybox binary on PATH will all commands. 

Note: Keep in mind that /.profile, /root/ and  /root/bin and trasient & they will go off once you reboot module

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