Thursday, September 18, 2014

AWM002 Video capturing via webcam

I was planning to use the AWM002 to control access to my home main door. Previously I was using Raspberry for doing same. As Raspberry cost is around 35$ and AWM002 cost is around 11$ (for 10 boards), I wanted to port my application to AWM002 board.

After booting up AWM002 with own OpenWRT kernel, I wanted to use it as video-cam monitor at door entrance. Initially I planned to use mjpg-streamer for OpenWRT. But mjpg-streamer is sending 0-size image on my system.

To isolate issue (whether it is in mjpg-streamer or my usb-webcam), I compiled motion  and deployed on AWM002 board. Now I can see the video perfectly on lan/smartphone via motion-program's-http-URL. I had to tweek following options of motion:
  • stream_localhost off   
    • So that one can access camera from PC/Smartphone
  • output_pictures off
  • output_all off                                                              
  • output_normal off                                                                        
  • output_motion off 
    • All of above options for disabling  the jpeg file generation

Now the AWM002 is running at 18% CPU loading (so enough juice is left for other tasks) with 320x240 resolution. CPU usage drops to 8% when, I make the resolution to 160x128.

I need to bother about CPU load as CPU load has direct effect on battery usage :)

Now steps are to port my python program (on Raspberry) to AWM002.