Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Get Current Time from Bed while sleeping (without seeing Watch/Phone) by simple Hand waving

As a part of  Home Automation jobs, one of my use case is:

  • Know the current time in night (in pitch dark room)
    • with following requirements
      • I am still sleeping 
      • I don't want to open my eyes for seeing time on watch/phone
      • My phone or watch are 4 meters from bed, I don't want to go to that place to pickup phone/watch
So thought that let me use latest hot/cheap wifi-chip ESP8266 (NodeMCU version) to do this job.

I used a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR - ~1$) , ESP8226-NodeMCU-Board ( ~4$) and Android phone (~your capacity)  for this purpose.

  • PIR 
    • Will sense any movement. I had kept this sensor at back of bed. If I wave my hand near PIR sensor, it will sense and give input to ESP8266 Chip
  • ESP8266
    • This will work as WiFi Access Point for Android mobile
    • Runs embedded firmware to sense the PIR reading & debouncing the PIR signal
    • Sends a HTTP call to Android Phone for speaking the time 
  • Android Phone
    • It will connect to WiFi-AP (from above ESP8266 )
    • It works as HTTP-Server for requests from ESP8266
    • It will run a Speaker service for any incoming requests from ESP8266
    • Ensure that works when phone in deep sleep mode

I have finished 3rd version of the code (FW at ESP8266 & Android-App in Smartphone). I will put code and pictures in the weekend.

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